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Sustrust's classrom in the Frying Pan Field. A ready-made weather cover that fits neatly over the permanent storytelling circle.

Look out in the future for education workshops in the Frying Pan Field!

If you would like to propose activities in the Quoit field or want to develop resources that relate the the project in anyway, please do contact us


Education Summary

John Welham, Education Officer for the Cornwall Heritage Trust, has prepared three packs to be used in schools. One was created in 2009 and is about the Giant's Quoit. It can be downloaded as a PDF.

The second and third packs detailing sites in the vicinity of Treslothan are now available. Part 1   Part 2

We used the packs to design our Education week in 2012, which is detailed below. In 2013 we held half day workshops to develop some of the tasks whilst at Heartlands, and in 2014, we held a week of one day workshops in the Giant's Quoit field with five different schools. We are continuing to develop resources. Watch this space!

Education Week September 2012

Children from Maple Class at Troon Primary School made flags decorated with Neolithic symbols.

The results from an education week with Troon Primary School were excellent. The children of Maple Class, under the guidance of Mrs Treen and Mrs Lamb had a chilly, but exciting day onsite, digging and finding, photographing finds and helping to make a neolithic grass basket. The next two days were spent at school, making flags and decorating them with stone age symbols from hand made charcoal paint. Pop up Quoits were made and decorated with mud paint. The children wrote poems inspired by the monument with the guidance of Gary Matthews.

The Giant Quoit
The Quoit is like a kangaroo jumping over the stone
The Quoit is like a hard stone bed for a cat
The Quoit is a shed they have tools in
The Quoit is a square crisp for a bear to eat
The Quoit is my gran standing next to me           Brandon Maple class September 2012

Giants Quoit
The Quoit is a three legged cat and its leg has fallen off
The Quoit is a rocky cave with stalactites on the roof
The Quoit is a colassall declicuos pepperoni pizza
The Quoit is a giant uncomfortable leather sofa
The Quoit is a very old man with a walking stick          Owen aged 9 Troon School September 2012

The devils frying pan
The quoit is a block of shiny cheese
The quoit is an abandoned block of cheese
The quoit is sparkly it glistens in the sun
The quoit is shiny and fresh
The quoit is gleaming           By Tristan Maple Class September 2012

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A Visual Story of Education Week 

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